Anglo-Indian Desks, Raj Antique Furniture from India

Anglo-Indians are people with mixed Indian and British ancestry, or people of British descent who were born or are living in the Indian subcontinent or Burma. The Oxford Dictionary defines Anglo-Indians as "of mixed British and Indian parentage, of Indian descent but born or living in Britain, or (cheifly historical) of British descent or birth but living or having lived long in India."

Anglo-Indian desks are often influenced from both Indian and Western furniture and design elements. Elaborate engravings, popular during the Victorian era or Indian-inspired floral motifs and patterns. Anglo-indian furniture pieces were also often crafted from high-quality materials, typically ivory-inlaid features and dramatic designs. Many popular Anglo-Indian furniture pieces include side tables, chests, bookcases, chairs, dining tables, wall sconces, desk and much more. Anglo-Indian settees and wall sconces are thought to be the most rare and the most valuable.


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